Not just another pretty face…

Wayfaring Stranger
Here’s a version of “Wayfaring Stranger” I started and haven’t finished. Kenny Smith on guitar, Nate Lee on fiddle, Bobby Davis on bass and I’m playing mandolin.


Angelina Baker
I’m playing mandolin on “Angelina Baker” with Kenny Smith, Nate Lee, Ned Luberecki and Alan Tompkins.


Little Martha
I’m not really a dobro player but I own a dobro. Here is a slide version of Duane Allman’s “Little Martha” I had to play to kick off the AIPAC National Summit at the AT&T Winspear Opera House a few months ago.


Lonesome Moonlight Waltz
A rough mix of the Bill Monroe instrumental with me on mandolin, Clay Powers guitar and Alan Tompkins bass. Texas Shorty will be on fiddle.


The Right of Man
Some ways to play Irish music on the five string. I can send you tab if you like.


The Plainsman
Also known as Senica Square Dance, The Federals are Coming, and Waiting On the Federals. Robert Bowlin guitar, Texas Shorty fiddle, and me on mandolin and banjo.


From Texas Shorty’s Coming Down From Denver CD. I’m playing guitar and mandolin.


I’ve updated the arrangement to more closely follow the music since I recorded this.


THE Blues
Live at CampBluegrass. Clay Powers guitar and Alan Tompkins bass, and me on mandolin.


Pavan by Milan
I transcribed a Vihulea tune for mandolin by Luis Milan from circa 1455. Instructional mp3 from Mel Bay’s I can send you tab if you like.


Sons de Carrilhoes or Sounds of Bells
I transcribed this great Brazilian guitar piece for mandolin by João Pernambuco. This was just recorded with an iPad at about 10,000 feet on the side of Pike’s Peak. Raul Reynoso (great Django, jazz, etc, guitarist) and I just picking. Raul’s guitar part really makes the tune. I got to play it with Carlos Barbosa-Lima and also Roland Dynes. 


Lonesome Fiddle Blues
From 1983. Texas Shorty fiddle, Mark O’Connor mandolin & guitar, Eldon Chancellor bass, and me on banjo.


Bonnie Cates Reel
From 1983. Texas Shorty fiddle, Sam Bush mandolin, Robert Chancellor guitar, and me on banjo. I overdubed the banjo but the tape machine speed up and slowed down while the fiddle, mandolin, guitar and bass tracks were recorded. No one noticed until I had to play to the track. It was a bit challenging to try and match the roller coaster tempos… Plus when I composed the banjo part I didn’t know they were going to play it so dang fast! I would have left out many of the triplets.


Gypsy Waltz
Live with Texas Shorty at Randy Elmore’s fiddle camp. I just jammed something.



Music Instruction

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